Nutrisystem Diet Plan Review

Nutrisystem aims to make weight loss an easy process. With this diet plan, you will not be faced with the decision of determining whether certain foods fit your diet. You will also not have to count the carbs or calories that you will be taking daily. The most amazing part of this is that you do not have to ensure that you are consuming the right portion sizes. However, you cannot eat whatever you desire.

Nutrisystem Review

This is because you will purchase the majority of the food from Nutrisystem. The firm will deliver the food to your doorstep. Every day, you will take a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dessert, and dinner. You can also add side items such as veggies, fruits, and snacks that you can purchase at the local grocery store.

The downside of this diet program is that you are explicitly advised not to eat out and to avoid any alcoholic drink. This plan is also not suitable for individuals with chronic kidney diseases, pregnant women, children under the age of 14, and individuals who have specific diet needs or allergies. However, Nutrisystem provides programs for those teens who are between the ages of 14 and 17.

Does it Really Work?

For this diet plan to work, you must be ready to stick to all the pre-packaged meals and only consume the healthy foods that you have recommended. If you follow the diet plan faithfully, you will lose a certain amount of weight after a given period of time. Nutrition-wise, all the foods that are prepared for you are healthy and good for your health.

What Can I Eat and What Can’t I?

Nutrisystem provides pre-packaged foods. Breakfast choices include pancakes, granola, muffins, and oatmeal. Dinners and lunches include options such as pizza, stew and chili, soup, pasta and chicken, and tacos. For snacks and desserts, you can have cookies, cake, and brownies.

This plan offers a long list of nuts, vegetables, fruits, dairy and fresh meat, and other foods which you can consume along with the Nutrisystem foods.

Generally, the meal plans and foods focus on:

• Limited sodium: With this diet plan, you will get about 2,000mgs of sodium every day. The foodstuffs that you purchase individually may add up to the overall amount.

• Limited calories. With this diet program, you are expected to cut down a pound or two every week in weight.

• ‘Smart’ carbohydrates. These carbs do not increase your blood sugar like other foods. In this diet plan, you will need to limit or completely avoid high-GI foods such as white rice, white bread, and certain fruits.

• A variety of nutrients. Almost half of your calories are sourced from carbs, 20% from fat, and 25% from protein.


• You will hardly have to cook as most of the Nutrisystem foods are ready to eat and some may only need heating. However, some of the items that you will purchase from the grocery store such as fish and vegetables may require some preparation.
• If you stick to this diet program, you will observe a considerable weight loss( 1-2 pounds weekly).
• The diet program has an online forum and numerous web-tools. You can also access their support services through the phone if you have any inquiries.
• The diet plan is healthy for a majority of individuals including those with conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease.


The cost of this diet plan depends on a number of things such as the plan that you choose, for instance for older adults, vegetarians, people with diabetes, men or women. Generally, you will be expected to pay from between $230 to $350 per month for this diet plan.