Have you fallen off the exercise wagon onto the couch? Don’t beat yourself up, recognize it, and get back up!  A sedentary life style can lead to a whole host of medical problems including high blood pressure, weight gain, lethargy and muscle atrophy. You can reverse that pattern in just a few short weeks. The side effects of a consistent exercise regime are weight loss, increased stamina, muscle strength and a general feeling of well-being. Pull out your athletic shoes and commit to moving again. Follow these back to basics recommendations from the fitness professionals to ramp up your exercise regime. If you’re intimidated or even burned out from the gym, there are a myriad of other exercise options available that are truly only limited by your imagination. If your diet has also fallen by the wayside, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up on supplements from the huge selection available at Life Extension. Your metabolism will thank you.

In order for an exercise program to be truly sustainable, you must actually enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy going to the gym, strike that off your list. Consider the fantastic options for outdoor exercise that are available. Try hiking, biking, swimming or kayaking. If you enjoy the water, rent a paddleboard and strengthen your abdominals while enjoying your time on the water. Join an adult softball league or try your hand at bowling. Ideally, the activities you chose should be ones that allow you to get your heart rate elevated and increase your stamina. Yoga, Pilate and Zoomba classes are all great ways to increase muscle strength, elasticity and balance. You never know until you try. Keep an open mind and explore various activities until you find one that you enjoy. Dance classes or karate classes both are loads of fun and certainly qualify as forms of great exercise.

Don’t sabotage your new exercise regime with poor eating choices.  If you find yourself enjoying multiple sugary sodas throughout the day and driving through fast food restaurants, start to cut back and set a date to eliminate them all together. Our bodies are simply not designed to process copious amounts of added sugars and sodium. Bloating, high blood pressure, weight gain, digestive issues, skin problems and onset diabetes are but a few of the problems created by these food choices. Replace them with glasses of water spiked with lemon or lime slices and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Avoid overly processed food containing multiple ingredients you’re not familiar with or can’t pronounce. Take simple steps in getting your exercise and food choices on track. Any drastic steps won’t produce results and certainly are not sustainable. Best of luck to you!

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